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Brisbane showdown on cards in A-League

  • Brisbane showdown on cards in A-League

    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 14: Head Coach John Aloisi looks on during a Brisbane Roar A-League training session at Griffith University on April 14, 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The A-League players' union says it is "unacceptable" players and staff at Brisbane Roar have been paid late once again.

Employees at the Roar were due their monthly wages on Monday but they weren't delivered due to a "technical" glitch, according to under-fire managing director Daniel Cobb.

As of Tuesday, all bar one player has been paid, while the status of payments to other club staff is unknown.

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Professional Footballers Australia has also revealed the Roar is one month behind on superannuation payments.

That means Roar players are not only legally able to pursue a contract termination, as star midfielder Luke Brattan controversially did last season, but the club is also at risk of a points deduction or transfer embargo under tough new sanctions included in the A-League collective bargaining agreement.

"Late payments to players and other staff is unacceptable," said PFA chief executive John Didiluca.

"The anxiety placed on players and their families, who are not sure whether they will be paid from month to month, is unacceptable.

"Sub-standard investment in workplace environments is equally unacceptable.

"Concerns such as these, however, are significant industry issues and it should not be left to the players to fight for compliance.

"Pressure from the PFA, FFA and the owners of the other nine A-League clubs is critically important in ensuring the Roar owners meet the standards required to continue the sport's progress."

Late payments were a regular occurrence at the Roar last season but despite numerous threats, FFA took no real action against owners the Bakrie Group.

Cobb was installed as managing director by the Bakries two months ago with a mandate to restabilise the club before leading a proposed buyout.

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