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We have to believe Bakries: Roar boss

  • We have to believe Bakries: Roar boss

Brisbane Roar interim chief executive David Pourre says it is now up to the club's Indonesian owners to keep their promises and nurse the embattled A-League club back to full health.

Pourre and two representatives from the Bakrie Group, Rahim Soekasah and Denis Djamaoeddin, were part of a panel that faced more than 100 fuming Roar fans at a member forum which ran for almost three hours on Wednesday night.

Soekasah and Djamaoeddin confirmed the Bakries will stay in control of the club for the foreseeable future - which was not the answer that many supporters, angry with the way the Roar has been run since the Indonesian conglomerate took over in 2011 and demanding answers and apologies, wanted to hear.

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Asked if the worst of Brisbane's recent financial problems have passed, Pourre said: "That's for the owners to decide, if the worst is gone."

"They've given that commitment, they've informed staff that and myself - and that means a financial commitment, and that then brings stability.

"You would hope what they say is true, and we have to believe what they say - it's a positive start at being more stable."

Pourre and A-League chief Damien de Bohun did most of the talking at the member forum, but did rather more listening on a night when the full extent of supporter discontent in Brisbane was brutally exposed.

Pourre admitted the Roar faces a long, arduous road in winning back the trust of their supporter base - they have already bled some 7,000 members this season compared to last, with many fans refusing to renew their tickets while the Bakries remain in power.

With an all-Queensland NRL grand final coming this Sunday and the AFL set to spend at least some of its broadcast war chest on growing the game in the south-east corner, Brisbane has never been a more competitive sporting market.

"It's going to take time. There's been enough damage done," Pourre said.

"The past brings us to a point where we get to shape the future, and I think that's really important."

The Bakries have vowed to settle all remaining debts and pay all outstanding entitlements to players and staff by January.

De Bohun warned that FFA will have to "move" on the club if that doesn't eventuate.

Meanwhile, Bakrie Group senior vice president Chris Fong remains chairman of the Roar, despite his non-appearance at the forum.

Fong and Helmi Rahman are still officially listed as directors of Brisbane Roar Pty Ltd and will remain in place until the completion of a report into the 2014-15 financial year, due to be completed in early October.

After that point, it's likely the Bakries will draft in a new advisory board to give the club a level of governance it has clearly lacked in recent years.

Fong has seemingly gone to ground, having deleted his Twitter account and not been sighted in Brisbane for months.

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