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The Dynasty Continues

  • The Dynasty Continues

The Dynasty Continues

In a match that saw high drama the Roar were the last ones standing after 120minutes defeating the Wanderers 2-1.

The final turned on it's head when Spiranovic put the visitors in front in the early stages of the second half beating Broich to a corner however it was the injury to Topor-Stanley minutes later that swung the fixture in Brisbane's favour.

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Popovic was forced to alter the lineup that was so successful throughout and with Nikolai no longer present in the teeth of the Wanderers defence Berisha and Broich started mounting the comeback.

Entering the final ten minutes the Wanderers began to sit deeper and deeper and eventually the pressure took it's toll with Berisha equalising off a Broich free kick. From here it was high drama through the closing stages of regulation as both teams searched for the winner.

As we all know now Henrique became the hero putting the Roar in front during the first half of extra-time. It was evident that the Wanderers ran out of steam and unfortunately they were sent to their second consecutive grand final defeat.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for the red and black fans as they were by far the biggest talking point of the day however football is a funny game and sadly it was the Wanderers thinking what if again.

In a season filled with drama, spectacular finishing and heartbreak what was your most memorable moment of this years campaign?

Have a safe A-League off-season and I know it won't be long till we start talking redemption and 2015 suprise packets.


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