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Any Given Sunday

  • Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday

It's roughly 9.30am and the CBD is completely packed, a see of orange has filled every cafe and breakfast outlet in Brisbane. However somewhere in the underground an estimated 10,000 man force of red & black is lurking and yet to be seen.

I met a few Wanderers fans last season at the Casino the night before a Sunday match up here which they won 2-1. It was 6am and yes I probably should have gone home a tad earlier but in my defence these boys could talk your ear off when it came to discussing football, not to mention the four dollar dacquiris. The main message I took out of our conversation was that they just love their teams irrespective of the code.

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I heard Mark Bosnich get interviewed yesterday about the Parramatta people and the one thing he said was, if you listen to them they will back you 100%. He was referring to the decision-making process that took place to orchestrate the Parramatta franchise. What I found more interesting was the reason for some of their chants and how passionate these people really are, in the last ten minutes of todays match you may notice something different about their supporters.

What does all this mean

On the most decorated stage in Australian Football, we have two clubs in different places. One is in the middle of a dynasty which has seen success on this day twice in recent years, the other is a beginning franchise looking to stamp their authority on this competition. Regardless of the result, it has been an amazing season which I think can be summed up by a sold out crowd this afternoon.

As for the result, by 6pm tonight there will be a hero and a villain...If Al Pacino was to sum up the preview of this match today, 'this battle will be a game of inches.'


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