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Surely Not Again

  • Surely Not Again

Surely Not Again


I woke up this morning at 5am to check my phone, see apart from the Brisbane Roar I am also a diehard Wigan Athletic fan. I am as OCD as it comes when supporting my teams and I have developed a routine to prepare for fixtures that involves sitting position, number of tabs on the laptop screen and last but not least what site I use to view gamecasts for each match, this varies depending on home or away, type of competition and location within England. Yes I am crazy!

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When I read the scoreline Man City 1 Wigan Athletic 2 I couldn’t believe it we had knocked over City again, I had to switch my phone on and off three times just to make sure it was legitimate. The romance of the FA Cup has been present well before my time but I think sometimes we underestimate how important a victory can be to the average soccer fan and as for me, I now have two special memories when I think of Wigan Athletic and the FA Cup.

What this means to Australians

New boss David Gallop will be rubbing his hands together with excitement, he has given the likes of Marconi Stallions, South Melbourne or even Sydney Olympic a shot at redemption by introducing Australia’s very own version of the FA Cup. There will be clubs across Australia preparing to take down the A-League franchises and I know they will be ‘chomping at the bit’ to do so.

Like the FA Cup, clubs across Australia will be hoping to write their very own fairytale and who knows, maybe we could see Adelaide United or Sydney FC be humbled on the national stage. One thought to ponder, with Arsenal the only remaining ‘elite’ club in this year’s competition, the FA Cup has already served its purpose by giving clubs an opportunity to play against the best and more importantly beat the best, it’s the reason Tim Cahill was found by Everton.

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