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What We Learnt

  • What We Learnt

What We Learnt


Scoring three goals in a football match usually gets the job done, sadly not this morning with Ecuador knocking over Australia 4-3 in what can only be described as a game of two halves

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There is definitely pro’s and con’s that ‘gaffa’ Ange will take out of the dead rubber fixture however with roughly 100 days remaining before the World Cup kicks off, we learnt a few things:


1. Aussies will be hoping that Timmy Cahill can reproduce his form from this morning, he looked like a man possessed up front causing havoc for a usually well organised Ecuadorian defence.

2. Ivan Franjic is playing like a season veteran and I think his wing-back spot is safely sown up for match 1 in Brazil.

3. The goalkeeper battle is still up in the air and its only a matter of time before Brad Jones earns a proper crack. One thing for sure, Mitch Langerak did himself no favours earning a red!


Get excited Rio is coming and although Australia suffered a loss, this morning proved that with Ange in charge the boys will definitely have a crack.


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