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5. Reasons Why We Love Brisbane Roar

  • 5. Reasons Why We Love Brisbane Roar

Valentines Day....A day filled with romatic gestures and maxing out credit cards. On the eve of such an important date within relationships we count down the top five reasons as to why the Brisbane Roar are so loved by their partner, the supporters.


5. The Atmosphere: There is nothing better than walking down from Caxton St to enter Suncorp Stadium belting out numerous Roar ballads until throats are dry and that full-time whistle has been blown.

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4. The HT Entertainment: Fans are greeted to goals galore on a frequent basis as our juniors show off their skills in both the football and celebration departments. It's really nice to see a club that looks after their own at the grass roots level.

3. The Imports: From the 'slippery fish' to the 'German delight', our overseas players have taken a charismatic and flamboyant approach to their work. With success at an all-time high, it's evident that the Roar have made some great import acquisitions.

2. The Foundation Club: Both North Queensland and Gold Coast have tried to knock us off our perch with no success, our organisation is still positively building with more accomplishments to come. Another trip to the Asian Champions League wouldn't go astray!

1. Sitting On Top Of The World: Artists write songs about this feeling we have had all season. There is nothing better than celebrating victories as the league leaders.


I Hope everyone is enjoying the Roars success as much as I am as we embark on the road to grabbing another trophy for the cabinet!

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