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What to do with Kwame now?

  • What to do with Kwame now?

Having witnessed the great success of the super sub rule in AFL, I found myself thinking ‘what does the Gaffa do with Kwame Yeboah now?’ My thinking is this…

Play him for a concrete 30mins at the back end of every match. We have seen in recent weeks how great this youngster is but there are many Roar tragics wanting Yeboah to play the full 90 on a regular basis. 

They have a case, watching this skilful talent roam around Suncorp on a beautiful afternoon with a frothy in your hand would be nothing but bliss.

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However, I tend to think differently. Tired defenders along with the Roar’s pressing game plan is the perfect recipe for Yeboah to succeed - and I believe this kid is the ace up Mulvey’s sleeve in pursuit of another Championship.

Am I on the money?Do you see it differently?What are your thoughts on getting the best from Kwame?

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