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While you were Sleeping (Football Abroad)

  • While you were Sleeping (Football Abroad)

I have always thought Football was closely related to relationships in a way. Frank Farina never took back an ex-player just like an ex-girlfriend, and now in the Lancashire club of Wigan Athletic, we are about to witness none other than the old tale of the “Rebound”.

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The flamboyant and charming Roberto Martinez was the prize de-facto manager in Wigan for a period of time, but after winning the FA Cup he abandoned the Lactics to upgrade to a better model in Everton. Feeling dejected and unloved, Wigan owner Dave Whelan did what most blokes do after a breakup - he downed 12 pints and looked for attention. This came in the form of Owen Coyle, an older gaffer, who is a cougar of English Football.

The romance began straight away after a strong round 1 win, however in breaking news this morning, Owen Coyle was let go after a series of bad performances. I’m not sure if it was a case of Dave Whelan sobering up, but the supporters of the club knew an intervention needed to take place - what can I say good friends know when to step in. Sent packing and scorned Coyle’s final words to the fans of Wigan Athletic, “I think you need to take a reality check.”

Which clubs in the A-league are in need of a reality check?

Which of the current A-league coaches are in most danger of being shown the door?

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